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Perry Street Parking Deck

1330 Perry St.
Perry Street Parking Deck
Perry Street Parking Deck

The 1,350-space parking garage is in the large commuter parking lot off of Prices Fork Road and Perry Street.

Faculty, staff, and visitor parking is available on levels one and two. Commuter/graduate parking is on levels three, four, and five.  A valid university parking permit is required.

The garage features an open design with large spaces on every floor and on all four sides of the building. The ceiling height was also designed to be as high as possible which allows  the maximum amount of fresh air to pass through, creating natural ventilation of the vehicle fumes. The amount of daylight that will be allowed in through these openings will also decrease the amount of time needed for the interior lights to be on.

The open structure design contributes to sustainability initiatives but it also serves a safety purpose. The daylight will allow users maximum visibility and will also allow those outside of the structure to be able to see inside which eliminates the secluded feeling that is often associated with parking structures.

Building History

Construction on the structure was completed in fiscal year 2012.

Originally Built:
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PARKP / 247
37.23086, -80.42565