Street Addresses

An initiative to assign street addresses to all buildings on Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus has resumed this spring. The initial effort, which was launched in summer 2011, was suspended for all areas of the campus except residence halls in order to provide more time to assess the scope of the project. The assignment of street addresses was completed for residence halls during summer 2011.   

The physical address project aims to achieve these goals: enhance 911 response capabilities, improve delivery information for external vendors, and facilitate GPS navigation for the campus community and visitors.

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Initiative Q&A

Why is Virginia Tech doing this?

There are three reasons for the implementation of street addresses on the Virginia Tech campus:

  1. Enhance 911 response capabilities
  2. Improve delivery information for external vendors
  3. Facilitate GPS navigation for the campus community and visitors

What will happen to mail codes?

The mail codes will not change, nor will they be removed from the address listing.  Please continue to use them when sending mail to campus offices.

Will the building name be included?

Yes. The building name will be part of the address style.

Will I need to print out new stationary, business cards?

No. Please continue to use your existing stockpile of stationary. New templates will be made available once address listings and standards have been finalized and a timeline for implementation has been announced.


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