Corps of Cadets maintains a proud tradition


A Corps of Cadets flag ceremony. Community members observing the Corps of Cadets raising or lowering the flag should not walk or ride through the area until the ceremony is complete.

Each morning and evening, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets continues a tradition that dates to the beginning of the country and is in keeping with military traditions that actually date back centuries. 

Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m., the entire Corps of Cadets forms on the Upper Quad in front of Lane Hall on the sidewalks that create the largest "VT" on the university's campus. Summoned by a bugle call, the corps then salutes the raising of the nation's flag while the traditional music called "Reveille" is played.  

The Corps of Cadets' Flag Detail, supervised by the cadet officer of the day, raises the flag rapidly to the top of the flagpole positioned adjacent to The Rock, the stone monument honoring the memory of the alumni who died in World War I. A Flag Detail raises the flag on weekends.

Every evening of the week, normally at 5 p.m., the bugler and Flag Detail return to the Upper Quad to signal the close of the duty day by honoring the nation as they slowly lower the flag. On occasion the corps will hold a formal retreat that includes the entire regiment, the Color Guard, Skipper the Corps of Cadets cannon, and the Hight-Tighties, the Regimental Band. 

All members of the community are invited to observe these events by standing at the entrances to the Upper Quad or on the porch in front of Lane Hall but are asked to please refrain from walking or riding bikes through the area until the brief ceremony is complete. The custom for those not in uniform is to remove hats and to place your right hand over your heart anytime the flag is being raised or lowered or while the National Anthem is being played. Any veterans in attendance are welcome to salute.

  • For more information on this topic, contact Maj. Carrie Cox at 540-231-6413.

Corps of Cadets, Virginia Tech football team collaborate to recognize outstanding students

    Shown at the 2009 Duke game are, from left, Cadet Thomas Regnaud of Greer, S.C., a senior majoring in international studies and a member of the Navy ROTC program, and 2nd Lt. Jorge Secada-Lovio, U.S. Marine Corps, who earned a degree in civil engineering and a minor in leadership studies in December 2011.

In a unique partnership, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and the Virginia Tech football team have established a program to ensure the U.S., Virginia, and Team Spirit flags are properly honored while creating an opportunity to highlight cadets and players for their outstanding performance.