Video: Interview with Ico Bukvic

Ivica Ico Bukvic, assistant professor of music,explains the application Callitwhatchawant.

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Length: 00:25
Link: Video: Interview with Ico Bukvic (FLV | 14MB)

Excerpt of music from ''Singing Darwin''

The music for Living Darwin was created by Theatre and Cinema MFA student Paul Schreiner, a graduate student in the Department of Theatre and Cinema. Schreiner worked collaboratively with his advisor, Ico Bukvic, and the production's creator Carol Burch-Brown.

Listen to an excerpt of computer-generated compositions used in Singing Darwin. “This particular tune marries computer science with music and generates notes based purely on mathematical ratios and forms found in nature all around us,” said Ico Bukvic, assistant professor in the Department of Music.