Community comes together for the Y Wind & Solar project

At the final dedication of Y Wind & Solar community education and demonstration project in September 2010, Cortney Martin, a faculty member with Virginia Tech’s Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research, offered praise for the community effort generated for the project.

    The completed project. Mayor Ron Rordam says the project will be instrumental in helping the town reach its sustainability and climate change prevention goals by 2050.

"Bryan Walsh and Solar Connexion brought over 20 years of experience to the project. He suggested the expansion from wind to solar and donated the solar array, horizontal axis wind turbine, and much of the interior equipment," Martin said.

"Solar Connexion provided countless hours of advising, system design, and labor.

"Steve Gerus and Bell Electric were instrumental with the electrical system, pylon construction, and turbine installation. With Steve at the helm of his big blue bucket truck, there was nothing he couldn’t dig, move, or install," Martin said.

Peter Thompson of Streamlined Strategies brought project management skills to a project "that had become alarmingly complex and challenging," she said. 

"Thompson created the website, developed project plans, and held us accountable. He has developed and delivered the successful Wind & Solar courses through the YMCA at Virginia Tech's Open University."

What is installed

The components installed for the Y Wind & Solar community education and demonstration project at the YMCA at Virginia Tech are:

  • 600-watt wind turbine from Urban Green Energy
  • 160-watt wind turbine from Airbreeze, donated by Solar Connexion
  • 1,050-watt solar panels, donated by Solar Connexion
  • Grid-interactive metering system, to integrate power supplied by wind and solar with power from the electric grid