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#5 The Bug House

The original agricultural experiment station building was built in 1888-89. It housed the agricultural experiment station from 1890 to 1907 and was dubbed the “Bug House” by cadets. It was later known as Horticultural Hall (1907 to 1914). From 1914 to 1924 the building housed the Agricultural Extension Division. From 1924 to 1933 it was occupied by various academic departments and by women students from 1933 to 1935. In January 1936 it was razed to make way for Burruss Hall. The station building was at the center of the land-grant college. Not only were academic activities going on there, but research and outreach (what was after 1914 known as Cooperative Extension) originated from this site. Around this building were dozens of station buildings, greenhouses, orchards, crop fields, greenhouses, and faculty homes. The station remained until the institute started to grow.  As you can see today, much of the land was used to locate new academic facilities as Virginia Tech grew from just a few hundred acres at this location to more than 2,000 acres today.

Bug House Horticultural Hall, 1890


VAMC Board of Visitors VAMC Board of Visitors on steps of Horticultural Hall (Agricultural Experiment Station Building), 1890

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Virginia Tech celebrates this land-grant heritage 150 years later.

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Newman Library, 2nd floor

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October 8