Center for the Arts: The Student Experience

The Center for the Arts’ programs are chosen to present diverse experiences with the goal of expanding students’ horizons and contributing to their on-campus learning opportunities. Student tickets to any event are $10, plus free, last-minute rush seats will be available exclusively to them. Learn more at the center's box office.


Students gather on the grand staircase inside the Center for the Arts. Students gather on the grand staircase inside the Center for the Arts.

Additionally, the center will provide another professional-quality venue in which students can perform and exhibit their work. In spring 2014, the Department of Music ensembles will perform concerts in the theatre, and planning is underway to host Department of Theatre productions. The School of Visual Arts is designing a year-end exhibition in the galleries.

Student researchers will work on projects with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.

Employment opportunities abound, too. The center is hiring students to work in the box office and administrative offices, as well as ushers, as front-of-house staff, and for production gigs.

Collaborative project provides new perspective of Center for the Arts

    A rendering of the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech, taken from the fly through animation.

With help from two of his students, Associate Professor Dane Webster used models and single-frame renderings from architecture firms Snohetta and STV to create a virtual fly through of the new Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech.