Factbook: Faculty/Staff Overview

Average Full-time Instructional Faculty Salaries

(Dollars in thousands)

Associate Professor$84.6$82.9$82.0$84.4$85.0
Assistant Professor$70.4$70.4$70.9$73.3$73.2
All Ranks$88.0$87.4$86.2$89.1$89.4


  • The figures for this table are taken from an Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System report titled "Salaries, Tenure, and Fringe Benefits of Full-Time Instructional Faculty."
  • Lecturers, research associates, and administrators above the department level are excluded.
  • All salaries have been reported on an academic-year-equivalent basis. The salaries of 12-month faculty members have been converted by a factor of nine-elevenths.

Salaried Personnel

Full-Time Instructional Faculty1,3691,3641,3061,3681,422
Other Faculty & Research Associates1,7611,9131,8261,9542,083
P14s (instructional only)229224273264249
Support Staff3,8163,6033,4613,4493,509
Total Faculty & Support Staff7,1757,1046,8667,0357,263
Percent of Instructional Faculty Tenured61.962.861.961.761.1


  • Faculty data are based on full-time instructional faculty paid 50 percent or more from instructional funds.
  • Percent tenured is based on full-time instructional faculty who are tenured (does not include those on tenure track).

Other University Rankings

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