University Bookstore

    University Bookstore

The on-campus bookstore is operated by Virginia Tech Services Inc., a nonprofit corporation. The building, when viewed from above, is roughly the same shape as the state of Virginia.

The nonprofit also operates the Dietrick General Store on the lower level of Dietrick Dining Hall and the Volume Two Bookstore that is located in University Mall on University City Boulevard.

Building History

The nonprofit corporation was formed by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors in 1968 under the name VPI Facilities Inc. At that time, it operated in the basement of Owens Hall. The on-campus store was built in 1975 with an addition in 1984.

Address: 115 Kent St.  |  Map Grid: N-5
Originally Built: 1975  |  Abbreviation: BOOK
Latitude: 37.22816 | Longitude: -80.41857