Hillcrest Hall

    Hillcrest Hall

Hillcrest Hall houses 108 co-ed students. The hall is suite style and every two rooms share a bathroom, except for a few rooms with private baths. Hillcrest has housed scholarship athletes, then graduate students, and is now home to the University Honors Program and the Hillcrest Community. 

The Hillcrest Community is designed as a four-year, live-in residential honors program for students who have demonstrated superior academic ability. Students are nominated to participate based upon a review of the honors applications and are invited to join by a selection committee.

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Hillcrest Hall is named for a geographic feature, as it was built atop the crest of a hill. 

Building History

First occupied in 1940, Hillcrest Hall was the first residence built specifically to house female students. When it opened, male students promptly nicknamed it the “Skirt Barn.” In 1971 it was converted into a male athletic residence hall. In 1982 it was converted into a graduate housing facility. It was converted again in 1992-93 to house University Honors. Hillcrest became the university’s first Honors house in 2000-01.

Address: 385 West Campus Drive  |  Map Grid: K-7
Originally Built: 1940  |  Abbreviation: HILL
Latitude: 37.2239 | Longitude: -80.42501