Dairy Science Complex


Dairy Science Complex The Dairy Science Complex of barns and buildings provides space for teaching and research.

The Virginia Tech Dairy Cattle Center, located on 600 acres at the southwest edge of campus, maintains more than 400 head of dairy animals in both conventional and a new free-stall cattle housing unit. The complex includes a milking parlor, calf barn, bull barn, and other facilities.

The principle structure is a teaching and research freestall barn for about 250 cows with an attached milking parlor. The William Etgen Pavilion provides indoor seating at the complex for more than 300 and a large area for students to work with dairy cattle and conduct the annual Little All American Cattle Show.

Building History

New buildings were completed in spring 2004.

Address: Dairy Road  |  Map Grid: J-12
Originally Built: 1962  |  Abbreviation: DJPAV
Latitude: 37.21525 | Longitude: -80.4227