Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

    Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
The building houses the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, a research institute dedicated to the study of the life sciences and biomedicine. State-of-the-art bioinformatics, computational, and laboratory facilities enable the institute to generate, interpret, and apply vast amounts of data from basic research to some of today’s key challenges in the biomedical, environmental, and agricultural sciences.

Building History

Envisioned by the state and the university as an economic engine of growth in the 21st century, the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute was founded in 2000 to become a premier institute for internationally competitive research, education, and outreach. Bioinformatics Facility Phase I, completed in 2003, and Bioinformatics Facility Phase 2, completed in 2004, house most of the operations.

Address: 1015 Life Science Circle  |  Map Grid: J-9
Originally Built: 2003-2004  |  Abbreviation: BIOI1
Latitude: 37.2208 | Longitude: -80.42609