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Barringer Hall

    Barringer Hall

Barringer Hall houses 220 male residents. Most of its rooms overlook the President's Quad, where many sporting events, cookouts, and other activities take place throughout the year.

Four floors; 42,879 square feet.

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Paul Brandon Barringer

    Paul Brandon Barringer
Barringer Hall was named in 1962 for Dr. Paul B. Barringer, president from 1907 to 1913. Known affectionately as "Oom Paul" by the students, the medical doctor was a man ahead of his time. He built up the agriculture program, broadened the scope of the departments, and improved student accommodations. Unfortunately, he incurred the wrath of alumni, the engineering faculty, and others and resigned, returning to Charlottesville, Va., where he practiced medicine.

Building History

Barringer Hall was built in 1962 for $729,244. It was dedicated on May 16, 1966. 

Address: 240 Kent St.  |  Map Grid: O-6
Originally Built: 1962  |  Abbreviation: BAR
Latitude: 37.22619 | Longitude: -80.4168