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Vice President and Executive Director, National Capital Region

James R. Bohland

    James R. Bohland

James R. Bohland is the Interim Vice President and Executive Director. The Vice President and Executive Director of the National Capital Region is responsible for the following:

  • Assisting the president and senior vice president and provost in developing and implementing strategic directions for the National Capital Region
  • Improving coordination of services and operations across multiple locations within the region
  • Enhancing the visibility and presence of Virginia Tech and its programs in the National Capital Region
  • Assisting in developing new opportunities for research, instruction and outreach within the region
  • Helping programs develop viable business models for program development within the region
  • Assisting in leveraging the assets of the National Capital Region to faculty on the main campus in Blacksburg


Regional Administration

  • Sanjay Raman | Associate Vice President
  • Nicholas Stone | Deputy Director
  • Dianka Murphy | Associate Director for Business Operations
  • Robert Brown | Assistant Director for Facility Operations

Northern Virginia Center

  • Kenneth Wong | Dean of the Graduate School in the National Capital Region and Director of the Northern Virginia Center
  • Philip Skomra | Assistant Director of the Northern Virginia Center

Information Services

  • Justin Davenport | Director

Federal Relations

  • Chris Yianilos| Director

Public Relations and Marketing

  • Barbara Micale | Manager

Administrative staff

  • Ganchimeg Darambazar, Administrative Assistant